4.25 Gbps buffer and MUX family touts fail-safe protection

San Jose, Calif.&#8212Micrel says its SY58603U-SY58610U is the industry's first 4.25 Gbps buffer and multiplexer family with fail safe input (FSI) circuitry for SONET, Fibre Channel, and Ethernet data and clock distribution.

“The SY586xx series addresses a number of technical challenges for designers,” said Thomas S. Wong, vice president high bandwidth products. “The fail safe input technology (the first such I/O protection in the industry) protects unwanted oscillations due to various fault conditions at the inputs. This is an ideal feature for hot-swap applications. Micrel's proprietary design for internal termination is also incorporated to eliminate stubs and improve signal integrity.”

The family comprises eight ultra-low jitter CML, LVPECL, and LVDS devices. The series includes the SY58603U-SY58605U 4.25Gbps CML/LVPECL/LVDS buffers; the SY58606U-SY58608U 3 GHz, 1:2 CML/LVPECL/LVDS buffers; and the SY58609U-SY58610U 4.25 Gbps, 2:1 CML/LVPECL/LVDS MUX ICs.

The SY586xx series is optimized to prevent unwanted oscillations and maintain output stability when an input signal's swing collapses or disappears. Unlike existing LVPECL or CML buffers or multiplexers, the SY58603-10 family prevents a metastable output condition when the input signal is removed or signal amplitude fails&#8212 a crucial protection feature for rack-based equipment that has many I/O cards requiring hot swap capability. Its 3-pin input termination simplifies designs and interfaces to any differential signal, AC- or DC-coupled, without any level shifting or termination resistor networks in the signal path.

The SY58603U-SY58608U fanout buffers and SY58609U-SY58610U MUX series minimize jitter. Input isolation circuitry on the MUX devices reduces crosstalk by up to 70 percent. These chips all offer AC performance that guarantees clock frequency throughput up to 2.5 GHz, and rise and fall times less than 110 ps for LVDS and LVPECL outputs (and less than 85 ps for CML outputs). Jitter performance is less than 10 ps p-p over temperature and voltage. The product family guarantees operation over the full industrial temperature range (-40 to +85&degC) and supply voltage operation from 2.5 to 3.3 volts. All solutions are available in MLF packaging, which features low inductance and capacitance.

Click here for additional information on the SY58603U (similarly, enter SY58604U to SY58610U to access those devices' datasheets). Prices for 1K quantities are as follows: the SY58603U-SY58605U, $1.70; the SY58606U-SY58608U, $1.95; and the SY58609U-SY58610U, $1.95. The SY58603U-SY58608U series is currently available in volume quantities. The SY58609U-SY58610U multiplexers will be available in December 2006. Free evaluation boards for all parts are available.

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