4-channel, 16-bit, 125-MSPS A/D converter for lowest power and package size

Analog Devices has a new 4-channel high-speed A/D converter in its data converter portfolio. The AD9653 is designed for medical imaging and communications applications where high channel density, low power and small size provide systems engineers with greater design flexibility and lower per-channel cost for data conversion.

The new quad A/D converter is also well-suited to MIMO-based radios, 3G infrastructure equipment and other wireless communications applications. Its small package size, low power dissipation, and power-scaling functionality are ideal for femto and pico-cell basestation designs.

Key Features:

  • Low power: 164 mW per channel at 125 MSPS with scalable power option
  • High dynamic range: SNR = 76.5 dBFS @ 70 MHz (VREF = 1.0 V) SNR = 77.5 dBFS @ 70 MHz (VREF = 1.3 V) SFDR = 90 dBc (to Nyquist)
  • 650-MHz full power analog bandwidth
  • Serial LVDS digital output (ANSI-644 or reduced power mode similar to IEEE-1596.3)
  • Small package outline: 7-mm x 7-mm, 48-pin LFCSP
  • Pin-compatible with the AD9253 14-bit quad A/D converter and AD9633 12-bit quad A/D converter enabling easy system performance migration

Available. Contact company for pricing and delivery.

For more information see Analog Devices

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