4-channel LIN transceiver reduces system costs

LIN nodes continue their exponential growth rates in cars resulting in master modules controlling multiple LIN busses. To address this growing need for multi LIN transceiver systems Melexis introduces a 4-channel LIN transceiver IC. The MLX80001 can significantly reduce system costs of the LIN physical layer by 20% compared to multiple single transceiver ICs found in, for example, a Body Control Module. The MLX80001 extends Melexis’ existing product line of LIN transceivers and System Basis Chips.

The LIN bus (Local Interconnect Network) continues its successful adoption in automotive and industrial applications with the release of LIN version 2.0 and the release of SAE J2602 Networking specification. This robust, cost effective communication scheme enables many basic networking functions in sub-systems previously considered to be uneconomical for smart actuators and controls. As a consequence of this successful implementation of many different LIN applications there is a need for Body Control Modules to manage different LIN Bus sub-systems at the same time. Thanks to our new MLX80001 this demand can be easily and cost effectively implemented.

The MLX80001 combines four LIN transceivers on one die and enables the development of simpler and more cost effective multi-LIN network master modules. Integrated 1K LIN master termination resistors and decoupling diodes further reduce system costs. This 4-channel LIN transceiver is produced in 0.8 micron HV-CMOS technology and is based on the industry proven single channel transceiver TH8082.

The EMC behavior of LIN Bus ICs is critical in automotive applications. The MLX80001 design exhibits remarkable robustness when subjected to the injection of high frequency disturbances. The IC has also achieved very low electromagnetic emission to further simplify the design challenges of networked communication in hostile automotive environments. For the data transmission according SAEJ2602 a special low slew mode is available.

The MLX80001 meets the automotive temperature range of -40°C to 125°C and has on chip protection against over-temperature, 40V load dump and LIN short to ground. The integrated standby management assures that the MLX80001 can “wake up” from the LIN bus itself or directly from a connected microcontroller or other external source. Typical current consumption in sleep mode is as low as 20µA.

Final engineering samples are available and come in a space saving 20 pin QFN 5×5 RoHS compliant package.

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