4-channel video buffer consumes very little power

Dallas, Tex.—To help manufacturers design energy-efficient consumer electronics, Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) introduced a flexible four-channel video buffer that it claims consumes 57 percent less power than its closest competitor.

The new device also includes a power-down feature to lower system power consumption even more and help enable manufacturers to achieve ENERGY STAR compliance in set-top boxes (STBs) and personal and digital video recorders (PVRs and DVRs). The balance of ultra-low power and reduced space and cost also makes the amplifier well-suited for video surveillance systems and SCART audio/video connectors. Available development tools help manufacturers easily configure and test the amplifier for SCART applications, eliminating the need for costly components.

The THS7374 and THS7375 support a wide supply voltage range of +2.85-V to +5.5-V, providing designers with maximum flexibility while consuming minimal power. The devices feature a 9.6-mA total quiescent current at 3.3-V supply for all four channels. Even operating at 5-V, each device consumes 10-mA total quiescent power. A power-down option further reduces quiescent current consumption to 0.1-µA, making the THS7374/5 ideal choices for consumer device systems seeking ENERGY STAR compliance.

The THS7374 and THS7375 are available now in a 14-pin TSSOP lead-free (RoHS compatible) and green-compliant package.

Pricing: In quantities of 1,000 is $0.55.
Availability: Sampling.

Datasheet: Click here.

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