500-MSPS, 12-bit A/D touts small size, low power, and smooth performance

The newest high-speed A/D converter from Texas Instruments, Inc, the ADS5463, boasts 12-bit/500-MSPS performance in a 14×14 mm package, while dissipating just 2.25 W. The converter, targeted at imaging, radar, test and measurement (T&M), communications, software-defined radio (SDR), and other leading-edge applications, is pin-compatible with existing 13-bit, 210/250 MSPS TI converters, for ease of system upgrade. TI claims that this device has significantly better signal-processing and bandwidth performance, in a much smaller package, than competitive devices on the market.

The pipeline-architecture ADS5463 specifications include 84 dBc SFDR and 65.5 dBFS SNR (both with 100 MHz IF), 10.5 ENOB, and input bandwidth of 2 GHz.

Unlike many converters, the input range is bipolar, at 2.2 Vpp . It also includes an internal reference generator and a half-rate clock, along with a data-ready signal. Required power rails are 5 and 3.3V analog supplies, as well as a 3.3V digital supply; outputs are 3.3V LVDS compatible.

The $125 (1000 piece) converter is available for the commercial temperature grade, of course, but notes Mark Stropoli, Product Marketing Manager, it is also available for the -40 to +85° C industrial range and the military temperature range as standard product, as well, which is not common at all for such high-performance converters. A $299 evaluation module (EVM) simplifies the designer's challenge of fully investigating the converter and developing a suitable PCB layout. Click here for the device data sheet.

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