6-channel LED driver line expands with 1-wire interfaces

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Leadis Technology Inc. is sampling LDS8867, LDS8868 and LDS8869, a family of charge-pump based LED drivers that uses the company's proprietary PowerLite Current Regulator to deliver up to 95% power efficiency for longer battery life.

Targeted at mobile backlighting applications, the 1-wire interface products support up to six LEDs with a maximum current of 32mA per channel.

Leadis' low-voltage dropout PowerLite Current Regulator provides a typical transition threshold of 50mV, allowing a device to stay in a charge-pump driver's highest-efficiency mode longer. By lowering the drop out voltage of the driver to 50mV, battery life can be extended by up to 20%, according to Leadis.

Datasheets: Download here.

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