600V MOSFETs use superjunction structure to boost power efficiency

Irvine, Calif.—Using a superjunction structure to increase power efficiency in switched-mode power supplies, Toshiba's DTMOS II family of 600V power MOSFETs reduce on-state resistance and gate charge by 68% compared with conventional Toshiba MOSFET technology.

The first twelve products in the DTMOS II family include 12A, 15A, and 20A 600V MOSFETs, each offered in a choice of four packages, including TO-3P(N), TO-220SIS, TO-220(W) and TFP, a compact surface mount package. The 12A devices feature low on-resistance of 0.4 ohm (max.), the 15A devices feature on-resistance of 0.3 ohm (max.) and 20A devices have on-resistance rated at 0.19 ohm (max.).

Due to the superjunction structure, R(DS)(ON) can be as low as 0.19 ohm (max.) for the 20A devices, at V(DS) = 600V.

The devices are available in the four following package types: TO-3P(N), TO-220(W), TO-220SIS, or TFP, a compact Toshiba package.

Pricing: Begin at $1.30.
Availability: Sampling.


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