65-MHz rail-to-rail amplifiers combine high speed and high drive current

June 9, 2004 – Intersil introduced a new family of rail-to-rail input/output op amps that provide a wide operating voltage range and high bandwidth and slew rate while delivering a high drive current. The EL5x11 family has been tailored to specifically address the speed and drive needs of thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid-crystal displays (LCDs).

Intersil's new EL5111 (single amp), EL5211 (dual amp), EL5411 (quad amp) and EL5611 (6X) offer a wide 65 MHz of bandwidth at “3 dB and an exceptional 90 V/s slew rate along with a common mode input ability beyond the supply rails and rail-to-rail output capability that enable maximum dynamic range at any supply voltage. The high 180-mA output short-circuit drive current capability helps ensure sharp pictures and stable brightness. As a V(COM) amplifier in TFT-LCD displays, these amplifiers provide a stable common reference voltage that establishes the pixel brightness reference.

EL5x11 Family Key Features

  • Wide 65 MHz -3dB bandwidth
  • Wide 4.5 to 16.5 V supply voltage range
  • High 180-mA output short current source and sink output drive (65-mA continuous)
  • Fast 90 V/us slew rate
  • Fast 140-ns typical settling time
  • Low 2.5-mA supply current (per amplifier)
  • Unity-gain stable
  • Beyond the rails input capability
  • Rail-to-rail output swing
  • -40 to +85 degree C industrial temperature range

Availability and Pricing
All op amps are available now. The suggested resale pricing for each IC in 10,000-unit quantities is as follows:

Part # Amplifiers Package Price
EL5111IWT 1 5-ld TSOT $1.01
EL5111IYE 1 8-ld HMSOP $1.01
EL5211IY 2 8-ld MSOP $1.45
EL5211IYE 2 8-ld HMSOP $1.45
EL5411IR 4 14-ld TSOP $1.72
EL5411IRE 4 14-ld HTSOP $1.72
EL5611IRE 6 24-ld HTSSOP $2.05

To learn more about Intersil's video products, visit the company's web site at

A datasheet for the EL5x11 family is available here.

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