6GHz RMS detector integrates 12-bit ADC

Milpitas, Calif.–Linear Technology has introduced the LTC5587, a 40dB dynamic range 6GHz RMS detector that integrates a 500ksps sampling rate 12-bit serial A/D converter.

The LTC5587 is aimed at cellular basestations, picocells, and femtocells supporting all standards including LTE, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA/2k, GSM/EDGE and WiMAX. Other applications include MIMO radios, repeaters, point-to-point microwave links, military radios with complex modulation, remote power measurements, and portable test and measurement instruments. The detector is also useful in FPGA-based systems where no A/D converters are available.  

Key highlights :

  • Operating frequency range: 10MHz to 6GHz      
  • Log-linear dynamic range (modulated signals)
    • at 880MHz               40dB
    • at 2.14GHz              37dB
    • at 3.5GHz                35dB
  • Accurate RF measurement range: -34dBm to 6dBm
  • Accuracy over temperature (-40ºC to +85ºC) + 1dB
  • SPI/MICROWIRE serial I/O
  • Power Consumption of 10mW (3.3V, 3mA)
  • Single-ended RF input; no external transformer
  • Fast acquisition time                
    • Rise                           2us
    • Fall                            8us
  • 3mm x 3mm DFN package

Pricing : Starts at $5.17 each in 1,000 piece quantities.

Availability : Now.

Datasheet : Click here.

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