8-bit DAC touts highest linearity

Raleigh, NC&#8212austriamicrosystems AS1504/05 family of 8-bit DACs, with shutdown and mid-scale reset, claims the industry's highest linearity for devices with 8 analog output channels.

“The AS1504 and AS1505 offer several advantages over analog potentiometers,” said Walter Moshammer, marketing director for standard linear devices.
“The advantages include better resolution, since the AS1504/05 DACs have 256 programmable steps and a small form factor. The devices are available in a 9.9-by-6 mm SOIC package, and replace eight analog potentiometers. In addition the functions of the devices are not affected by mechanical disturbances such as vibration or shock. They are also immune to mechanical abrasion, while offering low noise, low temperature drift and high-speed adjustment, which means that fast trimming is possible.”

The AS1504/05's integral nonlinearity (INL) is typically &plusmn0.15 LSB and a maximum of &plusmn0.75 LSB. Differential nonlinearity (DNL) is typically &plusmn0.1 LSB and a maximum of &plusmn0.5 LSB. With a mid-scale reset, the AS1504 is suited for potentiometer replacements, bandwidth and frequency control in audio or video applications, and automatic adjustment and geometric correction in CRT displays.

The AS1505 provides independent control of the minimum and maximum output voltage range and allows separate zero-scale voltage settings. Both the AS1504 and AS1505 operate from a 2.7- to 5.5-volt supply.

Click here to access the devices' datasheets and to request free samples. The AS1504/05 is priced at $3.05 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

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