8-Bit LED Driver – with real-time error detection

Macroblock released the MBI5171 , an advanced 8-bit LED driver with Real-Time Error Detection and Current Adjustment.

The circuit features 8 constant-current output channels with 128-step current adjustment and each channel can deliver constant current from 5mA to 120mA. Hence, the current skew between ICs can be compensated within 1%. Moreover, in the Error Detection mode, display applications need not be shut down and system controllers can read back each open or short LED error at any time. Such features can especially assist to manage outdoor and distant displays, like traffic sign applications and LED full-color display panels.

By means of the Share-I-O&#8482 technique, an additional function, Error Detection or Current Adjustment, is added without adding any extra pins in the package.Thus, the MBI5171 could be a drop-in enhancement of PrecisionDrive&#8482 series and users need not change the printed circuit board originally designed for conventional LED drivers.

Macroblock , Hsinchu, Taiwan 300.

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