8-channel, 12-bit ADC consumes as little as 55mW per channel

Sunnyvale, Calif. – Aimed at portable ultrasound systems, Maxim Integrated Products is offering a low-power, 12-bit, 50Msps ADC that integrates 8-channels on a single chip.

The MAX19527 operates from a single 1.8V supply and consumes 55mW per channel. Unused ADC channels can be powered down to further reduce power consumption.

To achieve image quality and sensitivity in all imaging modes, the MAX19527 delivers MAX19527 dynamic performance of 69dBFS broadband SNR at 5.3MHz, and 140dBc/Hz near-carrier SNR at 1kHz offset from a 5.3MHz tone.

A serial LVDS interface and SPI-programmable adjustments and feature selection maximizes system flexibility for high-end or portable medical imaging uses.

Pricing and Availability:

Available in a small, 10mm x 10mm, 144-lead CTBGA package, the MAX19527 is specified over the -40 ºC to +85ºC extended temperature range. Prices start at $44.10 (1000-up, FOB USA).

Datasheet: Click here

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