800 Pound Gorilla Part 1: Microsoft Installing Windows 10 Without Permission

Like many people, I’m not fond of Microsoft because of their control on society while disregarding the needs of their customers. I have heard from others that Microsoft tends to get a product to a point and then release it to the public only to find out there are problems. Some go so far as to say it’s intentional or at least it feels as if it is.

When I went to a big HP rally for a product release one time, I asked the production company for the rah-rah film that was shown what platform they had used to produce the video. “

“Mac,” was the answer.

“Why?” I inquired.

“Because they are seamless.”

Although the adoption of USB has made devices interact much better with PCs, I still remember the days of struggling with ports such as com1, com2, LPT1, LPT2; not to mention trying to use RS232.

These frustrations are minor when compared to the annoyance created by Windows 10. Not only does it continuously pepper my screen with pestergrams, it took the liberty of installing itself without my permission. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one. Three other people also complained of this on a Thursday night after 8 PM in my isolated mountain town. I wondered how many people in society had experienced the same thing.

When I “Googled” “windows 10 installed without permission 2016” I got 1,960,000 hits in 0.6 seconds.

This my friends is a problem. Not only is it an invasion of personal time, in my case, it cost me several hours of lost productivity. I was researching a patent and then boom; the screens started shutting down one by one.

Then came the warning, “Windows 10 is installing. Do not unplug your computer.”

The last time I got that warning about updates, I lost everything on my hard drive. I had no choice but to comply.

Now Microsoft can sit there and say they gave me a warning however in this case, I had a witness right there that saw me opt out of the installation that went on anyways.

He saw the screen pop up and said, “Don’t you hate that?”

I said yes and clicked to opt out. I was at a music venue when this happened. I had to stay past the end of the performances for fear of taking my notebook computer away from a power source and a network connection. I brought the subject up to the musicians that were mulling around. One said that he went for a cup of coffee and came back to see Windows 10 being installed. He indicated that he didn’t have a chance to opt back to Windows 7. Fortunately I did however it cost me even more lost time.

I then brought the subject up to another person who said that he had been hiking with folks that day who also spoke of Windows 10 installing without permission. When I was finally able to get back online, a friend on Facebook complained of this occurrence as well. Three times in an isolated mountain town late in the evening for something most of us moved here to get away from.

For me, time is money. The week that this occurred was particularly short on time. I had to stop writing for the world’s biggest car auction, Barret-Jackson due to a lack of time. This was a major loss to my desire to progress as an automotive writer. If I didn’t have the time for them, I certainly didn’t have the time for Bill Gates to invade my life. As always, feedback is welcome.

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  1. dick_freebird
    May 30, 2016

    GWX (Google it) is your best friend for resisting assimilation.

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