802.11n client device forms core of WiFi sensor networking systems

San Jose, Calif.—Redpine Signals Inc. has developed an 802.11n wireless sensor module it is marketing under the brand name SenSiFi that it says provides all the control and wireless functionality required to build and deploy wireless sensor nodes in the industrial and enterprise sectors.

Designated as RS9110-N-11-31, SenSiFi is based on the company's low-power Lite-Fi technology, and uses an onboard ultra low-power microcontroller and wireless sub-system. It is able to collect a full range of telemetry information, including temperature, humidity, motion, light, pressure, location, and battery level, through standard analog and digital sensor interfaces.

The microcontroller implements a small, embedded operating system on which multiple applications can be built. The fully self-contained module includes standards-compliant WLAN functionality with WPA2 security, a network stack that terminates TCP/IP and UDP connections with IPv6 capability, and configuration capability through UART or wireless. The module also includes a built-in antenna, frequency reference, power management, and flashed-in firmware. The module is available in an easy-to-assemble 31mm x 44mm QFN package.

Pricing: $18 per for 100K units.
Availability: Sampling.
Product brief: Click here.

Redpine Signals Inc.,

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