8×8 keypad controller with eight GPIOs and LED drivers

CAMBRIDGE, UK — The MAX7360 key-switch controller from Maxim Integrated Products offers a complete solution for keyboard control and backlighting while reducing external component count in portable applications.

The chip features multiple key press/release detection on up to 64 keys, plus 8 extra GPIOs or LED drivers and advanced ESD protection. Individual key codes for each press and release are stored in a FIFO register to enable monitoring of multiple key-switch events.

The extra GPIOs/LED drivers can be used for keypad backlighting, LED indicators, or port expansion in remote areas of the application. Additionally, the integrated ±8kV IEC contact discharge and ±15kV IEC air-gap discharge ESD protection saves space and avoids the cost of external protection components.

The MAX7360 targets smartphones, cell phones, pocket PCs, and other portable consumer-electronics applications. The 8 GPIOs/LED drivers feature constant current and individual port-intensity adjustment through a 256-step PWM control.

Two of these I/Os can be configured to decode inputs from a rotary switch, for which separate debounce and interrupt conditions are used. The IC is fully specified over the -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius extended temperature range. It comes in a 5x5mm, 40-pin TQFN and a 36-bump wafer-level package

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