9-amp converter touts new power-density benchmark

Bridgewater, NJ—Enpirion says its EN5395QI 9-amp DC/DC point-of-load converter delivers more than 11 watts per square centimeter (76 watts per square inch), a new standard for power density.

Its integrated-inductor technology, PWM topology and ultra-high switching (up to 5 MHz) facilitates high immunity to noise and a small footprint to meet the precise voltage and transient and real-estate requirements of low-power processor systems and systems on a chip. For greatest flexibility, the device, which the company classifies as a power supply on a chip (PwrSoC), also features two options for setting the output voltage.

This synchronous buck converter integrates the inductor, output stage MOSFETs, and controller into a package measuring just 10-by-12-by-1.85 mm. The part requires as few as five external MLCC capacitors for a complete power management solution that occupies a total footprint of just 250 mm2 . The EN5395QI delivers up to 30 watts of continuous output power, and achieves up to 93 percent efficiency.

Output voltage is normally set via a 3-pin voltage-ID (VID) input, allowing designers to choose one of seven pre-programmed output voltages. Designers can scale the load current capacity simply by placing two to four devices in parallel to deliver up to 36 amps.

The EN5395QI is priced at $8.10 each in quantities of 1k.

Enpirion , 1-508-475-0025,

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