90-nm read channel consumes 50 percent less power

Allentown, Pa.—Agere Systems has started to ship a 90-nm TrueStore read channel that delivers half the electrical current required by the previous-generation read channels, extending the battery life of handheld consumer electronic devices, such as MP3 players and portable media players, without recharge.

The TrueStore RC1300 targets the 1.8-inch and smaller hard disk drive (HDD) form factor that provides critical data storage of 20 to 160 gigabytes in a wide variety of consumer devices. With its smaller die size, RC1300 enables consumer device makers to develop smaller and more creative designs for handheld devices.

According to Agere, the TrueStore RC1300 increases storage capacity by speeding the data transmission rate by 25 percent and boosting the signal-to-noise ratio over the previous generation channel.

Because the RC1300 is the latest in Agere's Copperhead family of read channels, hard disk drive (HDD) makers can leverage their existing software investments in the TrueStore RC7200 serving the desktop and laptop markets and minimize their investment in added software for the new read channel.

For more on the RC7200 that Agere launched a year ago, click here.

Agere expects the TrueStore RC1300 to be in production in 2008. Pricing for the TrueStore RC1300 is $8 to $10.

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