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A Chinese SSD controller chip licenses analog IP circuits

Agile Analog, which opened a designed shop in China earlier in January this year, has signed the first Chinese licensee for its automatically-generated IP building blocks for multiple semiconductor foundries and process nodes. The company’s analog IP will be integrated into an SSD controller chip, serving areas such as bandgap voltage reference, power-on reset, digital temperature sensor, and IR-drop detector.

Source: Agile Analog

Lisa Yang, who heads up the APAC operations of Agile Analog, says that these configurable IPs save cost in chip designs by bringing analog functions that are normally handled by discrete components. Analog IP circuits from the company’s Composa library can be automatically generated to accommodate IC designers’ specifications and process technology.

Moreover, analog IP circuits can be regenerated using the PDK when an IC designer switches to a different foundry or shrinks the chip to suit a smaller node. So far, analog IP blocks have to be manually redesigned for each application and fab process node. Therefore, some valuable engineering effort is focused on re-spinning the chip design when moving to a different fab.

Besides configurable, process node-agnostic analog IP building blocks, a lot is going on at Agile Analog these days. First, in April 2022, the Cambridge, England-based analog IP supplier set up a new engineering office in Edinburgh, Scotland. Then, in May 2022, in a change of guards at the top cubical, Barry Paterson was named the new CEO of Agile Analog.

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2 comments on “A Chinese SSD controller chip licenses analog IP circuits

  1. Mania12
    June 30, 2022

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  2. kiehnrussell
    July 5, 2022

    The customer will include a collection of Agile Analog IP into its new SSD Controller chip. Included are the following: IR-Drop Detector, Digital Temperature Sensor, fnf mod, Bandgap Voltage Reference, and Power On Reset.

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