A/D converter achieves 7.5 ENOB at 1.6 GHz

Santa Clara, CA – February 17, 2004 – National Semiconductor Corporation today announced a high-performance CMOS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that requires 75 percent less power than most comparable products on the market. The ADC081000 digitizes signals to 8-bit resolution at sampling rates up to 1.6 GHz while consuming just 1.4 watts from a 1.9 volt nominal supply. Because the ADC081000 is the fastest, most accurate 8-bit ADC at this power consumption level, it is ideal for high-performance applications such as test and measurement and communications equipment.

The ADC081000 is the first in a family of GHz-range ADCs. It will be followed by a dual product in the second half of 2004 and higher-speed versions in 2005.

The ADC081000 is designed with an extremely low bit error rate (BER). At a 1.6 GHz sampling rate and input frequencies up to 100 MHz, the ADC081000 achieves 0.15 LSB (least significant bits) DNL (differential non-linearity), 0.35 LSB INL (integral non-linearity) and 7.5 ENOB (effective number of bits). These specifications are especially important in high-speed oscilloscopes.

The ADC081000 also features a unique folding/interpolating architecture. Folding reduces the number of comparators, and interpolation greatly reduces the number of front-end amplifiers required, saving power and reducing the load on the input signal. In addition, the ADC081000 has an ideal pulse response and guarantees “no missing codes” over the full operating temperature range of -40 to 85C. This enables the product's high level of performance and accuracy. Lastly, the ADC081000 features a National LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) interface, which enables reliable transmission of high-speed signals, while maintaining low noise and distortion levels.

With the introduction of the ADC081000, National continues to expand its line of high-performance, low-power ADCs. The first member in a family of GHz 8-bit ADCs, the ADC081000 complements National's high-performance 10-bit and 12-bit ADC families. In addition, National is developing higher-resolution 14- and 16-bit ADCs and continuing to build its low-power, general purpose SAR (successive approximation register) ADCs for broad market applications. National continues to strengthen its data conversion portfolio by leveraging its advanced ADC architectures, analog enhanced CMOS process and world class packaging technology. ADCs are one of the key building blocks in system designs, and accurately capture real-world, analog information and convert it for processing in the digital domain.

The ADC081000, housed in a 128-lead exposed pad package, is priced at $100 in 1K volumes. The product is scheduled for full production release in April 2004 and samples will be available then.

ADC081000 Data sheet

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