A/D converter offers outstanding -95dB peak harmonic and 93 dB SNR

DATEL's ADS-953 optimizes signal return paths and provides internal, local decoupling to obtain an outstanding -95dB peak harmonic specification and 76μVrms noise-level performance. Signal-to-Noise Ratio, one of the most important specifications for imaging applications, is an impressive 93dB. The ADS-953 offers no missing codes over the full operating temperature range.

Utilizing various mixed-signal devices, DATEL's ADS-953 packages an 18-bit, one Mega-Sample-per-Second (MSPS) analog-to-digital converter in a functionally complete 32-pin TDIP ceramic hybrid. The proprietary gate array provides all the timing and control logic necessary to operate from a single edge-triggered start convert pulse, while providing the output data with no pipeline delays. Pipeline delays, often associated with high-resolution monolithic multi-pass converters, cannot be tolerated in many high-end, leading-edge applications that are time-critical.

Applications for the ADS-953 include numerous high-end instrumentation and imaging applications (life sciences, medical, industrial scientific instruments, military) and spectrum applications such as communications, radar and sonar.

The ADS-953 consumes just 1.45 Watts from ±15V and ±5V supplies. It is available for operation
over both the commercial (0 to +70°C) and military (-55°C to +110°C) temperature ranges. Contact the company for high-reliability versions.

Delivery for either the ADS-953MC/ADS-953ME models is stock to 4 weeks for small quantity sample orders, with production quantities from 4 to 6 weeks.
ADS-953MC 0 to +70°C $464.00
ADS-953ME -55 to +110°C $562.00

Datel, Tel: 508-339-3000 or 800-233-2765 (USA);

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