A/D converter targets small, battery-operated devices

Unterpremstaetten, Austria — austriamicrosystems expanded their A/D converter portfolio with the AS1524 12-bit, low-power, single-channel full-differential A/D converter, and the AS1525 dual-channel, single-ended low-power A/D converter. Combining low-power operation at a high sampling speed of 150 ksamples/s, the AS1524/25 family is suitable for small battery-powered devices and portable data-acquisition systems including remote sensors or pen digitizers with tight space requirements.

The AS1524/25, consumes 350 µA (3 V) at the 150 ksps maximum sampling rate. The automatic shutdown feature places the device into sleep mode between conversions, reducing the power consumption at lower sampling speeds. At a reduced speed of 100 ksamples/s, the power consumption drops to 245 µA (3 V). The consumption drops down to 2.5 µA at a speed of 1 ksamples/s and 200 nA during shutdown.

SPI, QSPI and a microwire-compatible interface enable high-speed data access while minimizing board space. Both devices generate an internal clock and support an external clock for increased flexibility. Both parts operate from a 2.7 to 5.25 V single supply. The AS1524/25 family is available in an 8-pin 3 x 3-mm TDFN package; suitable for operating environments ranging from -40°C to 85°C.

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Data Sheet: AS1524, AS1525

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