A free Texas Instruments e-book by Bruce Trump, a classic Analog engineer

A new Texas Instruments e-book was just launched—-and it’s free. The Analog material in this book, by Bruce Trump, is an extremely valuable resource for anyone who needs to design analog circuitry. Trump is an original Burr-Brown Analog Engineer, as well as one of my analog mentors.

The e-book is entitled The Signal

Back in 2012/2013 Trump also posted some of these blogs on the EDN blogsite entitled The Signal, before he retired.

Here was Trump’s profile on EDN when he was writing for me:

Old Analog Engineer

I’m an analog engineer, lucky enough to spend the last four decades hanging around really smart people. I’ve even managed to remember a few of the things they’ve told me. My goal is to write blogs that concentrate useful information into easily digested ten-minute bites. If you like what you see from me here on EDN, I hope you’ll check out more of my writings on The Signal, on TI’s E2E Community. I’ve been drawn to technology my whole life. I’ve spent more than 40 years as an analog engineer, and I spent 10 years before that dabbling in electronics. I started working for Burr-Brown in Tucson, Arizona early on in my career and have worked for Texas Instruments since the acquisition in 2001. I’ve held various roles—from designer, design manager and product definer to applications manager and business manager. Today I get to spend most of my time helping with customer applications, mentoring colleagues and writing. It’s great fun and I can’t think of a better way to close my career!

Some credentials:

Trump was a graduate of Iowa State University, College of Engineering in 1971 with a BSEE. He later joined the school’s External Advisory Council from 2007 to 2013 and served as chairman there for a time.

Here is an example of the type of product that Trump defined back in early 2000, before Texas Instruments bought the company later that year: Burr-Brown targets voltage difference amplifier at low-power applications.

Trump was also one of the best creators of analog data sheets that I have ever known, but he is not the kind of Trump that would Tweet that out to the world.

Trump’s e-book spans the whole gamut of what’s important for engineers that need to design analog circuitry:

  • Op Amp Voltage-range issues
  • Offset voltage
  • Input bias current
  • Stability and Oscillations
  • Dynamic behavior
  • Noise
  • Other op amp issues
  • More content

You will find a veritable, classic Analog tutorial for novices and experts as well.

Trump authored many app notes for Burr-Brown, here is an example among many. He also co-authored Filter-Pro Low Pass design tool as a DOS application in 1991, an early classic Burr-Brown tool that was extremely useful to designers at the time.

I highly recommend this e-book to anyone that needs to create analog circuit designs.

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