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A half-bridge IC leverages GaN to bolster power density

A new half-bridge power IC leverages the intrinsic properties of gallium nitride (GaN) to improve current capabilities, voltage breakdown and switching frequencies for applications in the high-efficiency and high-density power conversion realm. That includes AC/DC, DC/DC, and DC/AC power conversions ranging from 30 W to 3 kW.

WI62120—a 650 V enhancement-mode GaN-on-silicon power device—is the first product unveiled by Wise-integration, a Meylan, France-based semiconductor firm specializing in digital control of GaN power supplies and ICs. The 120-mOhm half-bridge IC is based on the company’s embedded digital control software, and comes in a compact 6×8 PQFN package.

Source: Wise-integration

Wise-integration is targeting this half-bridge power IC at consumer designs such as ultra-fast chargers for mobiles and laptops. Then there are industrial AC/DC power supplies and designs that utilize bridgeless totem-pole power factor conversion (PFC) active clamp flyback (ACF), two-inductor one-capacitor (LLC) resonant converters, and synchronous buck or boost half-bridge topologies.

The 120 mOhm half-bridge IC is part of the company’s WiseGan family of power devices. Subsequently, Wise-integration plans to integrate functions such as gate control, protection, security, and other designer-friendly capabilities into WiseGan power devices serving GaN-based AC/DC applications.

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