A/V decoder chip supports China’s AVS standard

Shanghai, China—Spreadtrum Communications Inc., a wireless baseband chipset provider based in China, is sampling what it claims is the world's first commercial A/V decoder chip that supports AVS, the A/V coding-decoding standard in China.

The SV6111 A/V decoder chip includes all of the decoding functions required by the AVS standard, and supports MPEG-2 specifications.

For more information on AVS, go to the Audio and Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China, at

Using advanced SoC technology, the SV6111 AVS A/V decoder chip combines processing capabilities with multimedia functions, yielding a low-cost commercial device that consumes low power.

The SV6111 supports real time decoding in both high definition and standard definition modes, and contains key functions designed to support both current and future digital TV set-top boxes (STB). The SV6111 can be applied to IPTV, cable digital TV, digital satellite TV, and DMB-T transmission standards.

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