A/V decoder for surveillance apps integrates audio DAC

Conexant Systems has introduced the CX25828 eight-channel video/audio decoder designed for advanced, high-capacity DVR surveillance applications. The device features eight 10-bit NTSC/PAL video decoders, nine audio ADCs and one audio DAC for audio playback or two-way communication applications.

Key video features include 5-line comb filtering, independent scaling, ITU-R BT.656, an I2C interface, nine GPIOs, and multiple byte-interleaved formats at 27/54/108 MHz. Key audio features include four I2S interfaces, 8/16/32/44.1/48kHz sample rates, interleaved I2S/DSP style output, A-law/µ-law encoding, and 8/16/24 bit PCM audio data.

The CX25828 also features programmable motion detection. The device is packaged in 128-pin TQFPs with volume production scheduled for this quarter. Pricing is $5.00 ea/1,000.

Conexant Systems , (888) 855-4562, .

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