A/V decoder targets digital media devices

Santa Clara, Calif.—Micronas has developed an advanced and fully integrated A/V front-end decoder (AVF 49x0B) well suited for consumer devices such as Personal Video Recorders (PVRs), DVD recorders, set-top boxes, PC-TV applications and video projectors.

The AVF 49x0B analog video and audio decoder supports worldwide analog broadcast TV video decoding and analog video input sources, including composite video, S-Video, component video, and SCART RGB. The video data path features 10-bit front-to-back video processing capability and up to eight video inputs that can be flexibly assigned to the composite and component video processing paths.

The AVF 49x0B masters all worldwide audio broadcast TV standards with its stereo audio decoder for BTSC/SAP, A2, NICAM, AM, and FM by interfacing directly with a wide range of tuners via standard sound-IF input.

The AVF 49x0B chips are available now in either the PQFN64 pin or MQFP128 pin package.

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