A/V demodulator sharpens TV reception with fewer parts

Toronto—Fresco Microchip Inc. has developed for cable and terrestrial broadcast television reception an audio/video demodulator that provides universal support for NTSC, PAL and SECAM analog broadcast standards.

According to Fresco, the FM1050 is the first standalone universal legacy demodulator IC to eliminate the need for multiple external SAW filters typically required for TV-grade reception. The FM1050 employs Fresco's iSAW technology to achieve optimum adjacent channel rejection and simplify traditional designs through component count and cost reduction.

Additionally, the FM1050 includes Fresco's smartTUNE technology for enhancing picture quality by reducing the visible effects of television interference caused by tuner artifacts. The chip is suited for standard analog-only tuner modules or on-board platforms commonly found in TVs, set-top boxes and DVD-Rs.

The chip accepts a standard 36MHz intermediate frequency (IF) signal from a silicon tuner or traditional MOPLL based CAN tuner and demodulates standard (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) and non-standard worldwide audio/video analog formats. Typical video signal to noise ratio (SNR) is 55dB (unweighted) and >60dB (weighted); enhanced over modulation support is >120%.

The FM1050 is available in a 40-pin 5×5 QFN package. The company has begun to sample the FM1050 to qualified customers.

The company wouldn't provide pricing information, but explained that the current ASP of a comparable product that consists of multiple SAW filters, amplifiers, and a discrete analog demod (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) in high volume is $1.10. The FM1050 is a single integrated chip that offers a system cost savings compared to competitive products since it eliminates dozens of discrete components, expensive SAW filters and amplifiers, the company said.

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