A/V interface card brings analog connectivity to FPGAs

Ontario, Canada—SingMai Electronics has introduced DP1, an A/V interface card that provides analog connectivity to Altera and third-party FPGA development boards.

By plugging directly into the Santa Cruz connectors on Altera development boards, DP1 produces A/V processing algorithms in a variety of applications, including consumer electronics, security, broadcast and general purpose image processing. DP1 is populated with three of Analog Devices' 10-bit video A/D converters (AD9981) that converts SD and HD analog video to digital video for processing by the board's FPGA.

Clocks and sync signals can be extracted from the input video. Output video processing is provided the ADI ADV7321 which provides simultaneous RGB/YPbPr outputs for SD and HD video, as well as composite video outputs.

Audio interfacing is provided via another ADI codec. Stereo analog audio is converted to I2S using a 24-bit A/D converter while a stereo D/A converter provides output analog capability.

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