AC-DC Power Conversion IC – offers a modern switching solution

Power Integrations Inc introduced the LNK302 , a new member of the company's LinkSwitch-TN family of AC-DC power conversion ICs. Designed as a cost-effective replacement for bulky, energy-wasting capacitive droppers and linear transformers, the LinkSwitch-TN family is ideal for use in home appliance and industrial control applications. It broadens the product family's effectiveness at lower power levels, offering a modern switching solution to replace older-technology non-isolated, low current (<80 mA) power supplies.

With as few as 15 low-cost, standard components, a LNK302 solution enables an extremely energy efficient switching power supply in a standard buck or buck-boost configuration with universal input (85 VAC to 265 VAC) and ±10% load regulation. Power Integrations' EcoSmart&#174 energy efficiency technology dramatically reduces standby and no-load energy consumption, enabling conformance to all current and proposed worldwide standby and no-load energy efficiency guidelines.

Applications include personal care and home appliances, electronic utility meters, and industrial controls. Other integrated high performance features include a 700 V Power MOSFET, an oscillator with simple on/off control, high-voltage start-up, current limit, and hysteretic thermal shutdown circuitry on a single CMOS chip.

A 66 kHz switching frequency automatically skips cycles at light load to conserve energy while frequency jittering minimizes EMI filter cost.

Power Integrations Europe Ltd , Bracknell, Berks RG12 1YQ, UK.

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