Acal PCI controller is microprocessor independent

Wokingham, UK — Acal Semiconductors announces the AMCC S5335 MatchMaker PCI controller. This powerful and flexible 3.3 V device can serve as an easily configured bus target, enabling data transfer at modest rates. For demanding applications, the S5335 can become the bus master, enabling data transfer at rates of up to 132 Mbyte/sec with a 32 bit bus. The S5335 MatchMaker has a microprocessor independent add-on interface, allowing the designer to choose whatever processor best suits the needs of the application. This flexibility makes the S5335 ideal for systems ranging from digital video and multimedia communications to high speed networking and data encryption/decryption, as well as providing PCI connectivity for numerous other applications. The S5335 is a PCI 2.1 compliant Master/Slave device. The 3.3 V I/Os are 5 V tolerant, allowing the device to be used with modern motherboards that require 3.3 V PCI operation as well as legacy systems, making it an ideal solution for designers looking to transition to 3.3V PCI systems. ACAL Semiconductors , Wokingham, UK.

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