Actel begins shipping development kit for Fusion mixed-signal FPGAs

Actel Corporation (Mountain View, California, USA) has begun shipping the Fusion Advanced Development Kit, which features Actel Fusion mixed-signal FPGAs and enables the development of system and power management applications in a single board with multiple on-board voltage regulators, an array of indicator LEDs, and an OLED display to provide direct feedback on flag status, system messages, and voltage, temperature, or current readings.

The Fusion Advanced Development Kit provides resources for flexible system management development, including a web-enabled development environment, an ARM Cortex-M1-enabled mixed-signal Fusion device, and extensive digital and analog connectivity. The kit also serves as the platform for the Mixed-Signal Power Manager Demonstration, a reference design that delivers power monitoring, power sequencing and threshold control of up to 16 external power supplies.

“Actel's new Fusion Advanced Development Kit provides designers targeting Fusion mixed-signal FPGAs with a robust hardware platform for rapid development and quick time-to-market of designs requiring system or power management,” said Rich Kapusta, vice president marketing and business development.

The Fusion Advanced Development Board includes:

On Board Memory


– 64-Mbit parallel flash memory

– 2-MB SPI flash

External Interfaces

– 10/100 Ethernet interface

– USB/UART interface adapter chip and connector

– 3 ports for I2C interface

– 38-pin finger header

– 40-pin mixed-signal header

– RealView interface header for Cortex-M1 debugging

Connected Fusion Device Resources

– Pulse width modulation circuit

– 2 circuits for 1.5 V and 3.3 V current monitoring

– External temperature diode connected to the Fusion FPGA

– 2 external p-channel MOSFET Gate drive

Availability and Pricing

The Fusion Advanced Development Kit (M1AFS-ADV-DEV-KIT-PWR) with two 9 V power packs is now available for US $720.

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