Actel Releases Comprehensive Development Environment and Ecosystem for SmartFusion Intelligent Mixed Signal FPGAs

NUREMBERG , Germany , March 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) today announced the immediate availability of its comprehensive and easy-to-use development environment for the newly introduced SmartFusion™ intelligent mixed signal FPGAs. The extensive ecosystem includes the Libero® Integrated Design Environment (IDE) v9.0 with Synplify Pro® and Identify from Synopsys®, ModelSim® from Mentor Graphics®, and SoftConsole v3.1, Keil™ and IAR Systems® software IDEs, plus access to leading RTOS and middleware from Micrium.

In conjunction with the integration of FPGA, hard ARM® Cortex™-M3 processor based microcontroller subsystem and programmable analog in a single SmartFusion device, Actel has also taken design integration to a new level. Actel's Libero IDE v9.0 delivers a full-featured FPGA design flow, while SoftConsole v3.1, Actel's Eclipse-based software IDE with GNU compiler and debugger, enables the rapid production of C and C++ executables for the microcontroller subsystem (MSS). A key innovative feature of the design flow is the MSS configurator that enables configuration of the Cortex-M3 processor, hard peripherals and programmable analog, and can be used as either part of the FPGA flow or standalone in the embedded design flow.

Robust Ecosystem for FPGA, Embedded and Analog Design

“Actel has a long history of partnering with industry leaders in FPGA design and has continued this approach in developing the robust SmartFusion ecosystem,” said Jim Davis , Actel's vice president of software and systems engineering. “At launch, Actel is offering design tools and flows that optimize productivity and ease-of-use, accelerating the adoption of the SmartFusion technology by both FPGA and embedded designers.

SmartFusion devices involve three different types of design: FPGA, embedded, and analog design. These roles may be filled by three, two or even a single designer, depending on company structure and project complexity.

  • FPGA Design-The free Libero IDE is Actel's comprehensive software toolset for designing with all Actel FPGAs. Libero IDE includes industry-leading synthesis, simulation and debug tools such as Synplify Pro and Identify from Synopsys and ModelSim from Mentor Graphics, as well as innovative timing and power optimization and analysis tools.
  • Embedded Design-Actel offers free SoftConsole Eclipse-based IDE, which includes the GNU C/C++ compiler and GDB debugger. Actel is partnering with Keil and IAR Systems to provide software IDE support to SmartFusion embedded designers. Free evaluation versions and full-featured versions are available from the respective suppliers.
  • Analog Design-One function of the MSS configurator is to provide simple graphical configuration for current, voltage and temperature monitors, sample sequencing setup, and post-processing configuration, as well as DAC output settings.

The MSS configurator not only allows for analog configuration but automatically generates a memory map for any peripherals added in the FPGA fabric, generates all firmware drivers and delivers sample code for each device peripheral, thus creating a bridge between the FPGA and embedded design and enabling device configuration to be easily shared among members of the design team.

Get Designs off the Ground Now

SmartFusion Evaluation Kits are now available so designers can immediately familiarize themselves with this new technology. This introductory platform supports Keil, IAR Systems and Micrium and has the capability to add on daughter cards for vertical applications such as power management. Moving forward, Actel will continue to engage with additional ecosystem suppliers to broaden the portfolio for SmartFusion designers.  

In addition, the SmartFusion Development Kit is also now available for designers in need of increased off-chip memory, enhanced analog features and additional interfaces such as CAN, RS-485, and EtherCAT.

Pricing and Availability

Libero IDE v9.0 and SoftConsole v3.1 can be downloaded and installed directly from Actel's website. The Actel Libero Gold edition is available on Windows® XP or Vista free of charge. All editions are one-year renewable licenses.

For more information on Libero IDE visit:

For more information on SoftConsole visit:

The SmartFusion Evaluation Kit is available now for $99 . The SmartFusion Development Kit is available now for $999 .

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