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Active filters: Make those inductors vanish using savvy scaling

See updated version, Bruton Charisma: Make Those Inductors Vanish Using Savvy Scaling

The Filter Wizard, Kendall Castor-Perry, continues to offer his insights into how to optimize spreadsheet techniques to plan and create active filters. In this article, the Filter Wizard looks at impedance scaling and the Bruton Transform. Using this technique, designers can eliminate inductors in their active filter designs.

To read the article, which originally appeared at EE Times Europe (Analog) , click here .

About the author
Kendall Castor-Perry is a Principal Architect at Cypress Semiconductor,doing mixed-signal system analysis and design for the new PSoC platform.  Kendall uses decades of experience in analog engineering, filtering and signal processing to capture signals across many domains, extract the information from them and do something useful with it.


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