ADC/clock synthesizer combo claims highest dynamic range, SNR

Dallas, Tex. — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced a 16-bit, single-channel, 135 mega samples per second (MSPS) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a low-jitter clock synthesizer. The combined signal chain solution, aimed at communications, defense, and test and measurement applications, is said to deliver the industry's highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and spurious free dynamic range (SFDR).

The ADS5483 ADC touts the industry's highest SNR and SFDR over comparable ADCs on the market for input frequencies from DC through the second Nyquist zone. Sampling at 135 MSPS, the ADC can achieve a SNR of 78.6 dBFS with 95 dBc SFDR for a 70-MHz input frequency (IF), which is up to 3.5 dB greater SNR or 8 dB greater SFDR over comparable ADCs, TI said.

In wide-bandwidth applications, the ADS5483 eases analog front-end design by incorporating a fully differential input buffer. Developed in TI's BiCom3 high-speed process technology, this buffer provides constant input impedance over input frequency and eliminates kickback from the ADC's track-and-hold structure to ensure consistent linearity of the signal. In addition, unlike competitive ADCs, the ADS5483 uses differential double data rate (DDR) LVDS outputs to significantly reduce the number of I/O traces and pins it consumes on FPGA or ASIC devices, TI said.

The ultra-low jitter CDCE72010 clock synthesizer is said to provide best-in-class additive jitter performance at less than 50 femtoseconds (fs), which meets the jitter requirements to clock high-speed ADCs, such as the ADS5483. For example, the combined evaluation module (EVM) using the CDCE72010 and a crystal band pass filter to drive the ADS5483 at 122.8 MSPS achieves a high system-level SNR of 78.0 dBFS SNR and 89.1 dBc SFDR with a 100-MHz input frequency.

The new clock synthesizer can accommodate a wide range of frequencies to meet the requirements of various systems such as wireless base stations or test and measurement equipment. It can support up to 10 LVPECL, 10 LVDS or 20 LVCMOS configurable outputs at frequencies up to 1.5 GHz and input frequencies from 8 KHz up to 500 MHz.

Pricing: The ADS5483 is priced at $65.00 and the CDCE72010 at $10.95, in quantities of 1,000.
Availability: The ADS5483 and CDCE72010 are both available today in QFN-64 PowerPAD packages. Samples, EVMs and the TSW1200 capture card for evaluation are available.
Product information: ADS5483 and CDCE72010

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