ADC enables high slice count CT scanners for faster, cleaner images

NORWOOD, Mass.—Analog Devices Inc. has developed a current-to-digital converter chip that enables high slice count CT (computed tomography) scanner systems to capture real-time moving images , such as a beating heart, with a high degree of accuracy and detail.

The ADAS1128 is a 24-bit current-to-digital converter that changes photodiode array signals into digital signals. The product offers 128 data conversion channels, provides an increase in speed from 6kSPS (kilosamples per second) to 20kSPS, and supports four times more channels (128 versus 32) than any competitive products, according to the company.

The ADAS1128 consumes less than half the power of other solutions (4.5 mW/channel versus 10 mW/channel at full speed). It also offers no charge loss, more choices of full scale ranges, and ultra-low noise (down to 0.4 fC for low-dose X-ray systems). The ADAS1128 is housed in a compact 10-mm – 10-mm mini BGA (ball grid array) package.

Pricing per channel: $1.50; in 250-piece quantities: $192.
Availability: Now in volume production.
Datasheet: Click here.

Analog Devices,

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