ADC suits image-processing functions in medical imaging and radar

Murata Power Solutions (Mansfield, MA) has introduced a quad sampling analog to digital converter (ADC) for image processing applications where low noise performance and a high conversion rate are required.

The ADSQ-1410 is a quad 14Bit resolution, 10 mega samples per second (MS/s) converter. Building on an existing product family that includes 10MHz, 14Bit dual and single ADC products, this latest module boasts a dynamic performance of 80dB, suiting it to both time and multi-channel frequency domain applications.

Typical applications for the 66-pin SMT or TDIP through-hole packaged part include medical imaging, radar, sonar, communications and general instrumentation. A 2.5V precision internal reference, along with individual analog input range selection pins, provides tracking over temperature while allowing each channel to be independently configured for an analog input range of 1V to 2.5V. The module require just 5V for internal analog supplies and 2V to 5V supply for logic outputs.

A single rising edge triggered start convert signal is used to control the conversion of all four A/Ds within this device. 2V to 5V digital CMOS outputs are multiplexed into pairs to provide two parallel, three-state output buses. Meanwhile, four independent enable control pins offer individual output data and overflow/ underflow selection.

The ADSQ-1410 operates within a temperature range of 0 and +70C. Overall package dimensions are 86.36 x 27.94 x 9.91mm. For more information, visit Murata Power Solutions' website

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