ADCs boast flexibility of mcu or dsp host

Maxim's latest dual 12bit 1.25Ms/s ADCs feature an independent serial peripheral interface (SPI) for host communication. In one scenario, this allows the fastest clock required on each interface to be reduced to 20MHz, while supporting the maximum sampling rate. Alternatively, a designer could combine the two data streams to use only a single SPI port, if the sampling rate is slower or if the host's SPI interface operates at more than 40MHz. The inputs can be configured as either four single-ended or two differential channels. A flexible architecture broadens the choice of host microcontrollers or DSPs, and the configurability means that a customer can reduce inventory.

The MAX1377, MAX1379 and MAX1383 platforms are said to offer 'excellent AC performance', with 71dB SINAD, whilst ensuring DC accuracy (1.25 LSB INL, max and 1 LSB DNL, max). The sort of applications that these best suit are those that demand fast simultaneous sampling, such as motor-control, rotary-resolver, and I/Q-sampling applications.

The three devices are available over the -40 to +125oC automotive temperature range and are supplied in a 5mm x 5mm, 20-pin TQFN package.

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