ADCs claim new levels of noise performance and low-power operation

Analog Devices, Inc., has expanded its portfolio of precision sigma-delta ADCs (analog-to-digital converters) with 12- and 16-bit small-package devices that claims to achieve new levels of noise performance and low-power operation for portable industrial and medical instrumentation equipment.

The 12-bit AD7170 ADC and 16-bit AD7171 ADC have a 125-Hz output data rate and generate less noise than competing converters while consuming 25 percent less current. The new converters are designed for portable instrumentation, industrial process controls, medical monitoring devices, and other applications that require reliable, accurate signal conversion on a tight power budget within a confined PCB (printed circuit board) area.

The AD7170 and AD7171 achieve 12- and 16-bit noise-free resolution, respectively, meeting the performance specifications of equipment used to precisely monitor patient vital signs and measure real-world instrumentation phenomena, such as pressure and temperature.

Key Features of the AD7170 and AD7171 Sigma-Delta ADCs

  • INL (integral nonlinearity) of ± 0.1 LSB (least significant bit) at 12 bits (AD7170) and INL of ± 0.4 LSB at 16 bits (AD7171)
  • Power consumption = 110 microamps (5 microamps in power-down mode)
  • Ease-of-use, fixed sampling rate; no programming required
  • On-chip oscillator

  • 3 mm x 3 mm CSP package

Complementary components for the AD7171 ADC include the ADR5041 precision reference and the AD8628 precision amplifier. For the AD7170 ADC, the ADR5041 precision reference and the AD8631 precision amplifier are recommended.

Availability and Pricing

The AD7170 and AD7171 are both available now packaged in 3 mm x 3 mm 10-lead LFCSP. The price each per 1000 is AD7170 ($0.95) and AD7171 ($1.15).

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