ADI launches multi-channel DAC line

Norwood, Mass.—For designers needing flexibility when specifying converters for high-voltage applications, Analog Devices Inc. is offering a line of digital-to-analog converters (DACs) consisting of 12 devices that are offered in dual and quad configurations in resolutions of 12, 14 and 16 bits.

The AD57xx family of high-voltage DACs features software-programmable, unipolar and bipolar voltage output ranges that can be independently set per channel. AD57xx DACs operate from single supply voltages of 4.5 V to 16.5 V, or dual supply voltages of ±4.5 V to ±16.5 V. This gives designers the option to eliminate a number of discrete components, such as precision resistors, switches, and external amplifiers.

ADI's AD57xx parts employ its proprietary iCMOS industrial manufacturing process to achieve high voltages needed by industrial applications, such as factory process control, instrumentation and dc set-point-control applications.

The flagship component in the AD57xx DAC family—the 16-bit monotonic AD5754R—achieves an accuracy level of 0.1% (max) TUE, and includes a precision 5-ppm/(°)C internal reference.

Housed in small, pin-compatible, 24-lead TSSOP (thin-shrink small-outline) packages, the converters are more than 40 percent smaller than comparable devices, according to the company. Compared with existing discrete devices, the AD57xx family's small package size coupled with fewer discrete components translates into board space savings of as much as 70 percent, ADI said.

The AD57xx expands ADI's iCMOS precision DAC portfolio of multichannel small- package devices, which include the AD5725, AD5744 and AD5764.

The AD57xx family of high-voltage DACs complements ADI's leading iCMOS amplifiers, including the AD8662 and AD8664.

Pricing: the AD5724 12-bit, quad device is $5.95; AD5734 14-bit, quad device is $8.25; AD5754 16-bit, quad device is $10.05; the AD5722 12-bit, dual device is $3.50; the AD5732 14-bit, dual device is $5.50; and the AD5752 16-bit, dual device is $6.95.

Availability: Sample units are now available.

Datasheets, application notes and block diagrams: click here.

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