ADI samples low-power ADCs for wide variety of applications

Norwood, Mass.— Designed for power-sensitive communications, industrial, portable-electronics and instrumentation equipment, Analog Devices Inc. has introduced 18 power-efficient analog-to-digital converters (ADC) with resolutions ranging from 10 to 16 bits.

The flagship converter in this series, the AD9268, is the industry's first 125-MSPS (megasamples per second) 16-bit, dual-channel ADC and consumes 376 mW per channel—60 percent less power per channel than competing devices, according to ADI. The ADC's integration and energy savings allow system engineers to increase channel counts without increasing a product's board area or power consumption, enabling higher call volume in cellular base stations, for example, or improved image resolution in medical magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) equipment. In handheld and other power-sensitive applications, ADI's low-power ADCs likewise enable improved system performance while extending battery life in hand-held devices, such as portable spectrum analyzers.

The AD9268 dual-channel, 16-bit ADC is available in speed grades of 80, 105, and 125 MSPS. The 125-MSPS option achieves 78 dB SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) and 90 dB SFDR (spurious-free dynamic range) to 70 MHz analog input frequency, while consuming 376mW per channel.

Available in a Pb-Free, 9 mm x 9 mm chip-scale package, the AD9268 is pin-compatible with ADI's other low-power ADCs.

Another converter in the series, the AD9251 is a dual-channel 14-bit ADC and is available in the same 64-lead LFCSP pin-compatible footprint and is offered in speed grades of 20, 40, 65, and 80 MSPS. With 73.5 dB SNR and 85 dB SFDR to 70 MHz analog input frequency, the AD9251 dissipates only 86 mW per channel at 80MSPS, improving power efficiency by more than 50 percent over competing 14-bit ADCs.

All of ADI's new low-power dual ADCs operate from a single 1.8-V analog power supply and feature a high-performance sample-and-hold circuit and on-chip voltage reference. The AD9251 family offers a separate driver supply to accommodate 1.8-V or 3.3-V CMOS logic outputs, while the AD9268 family offers 1.8-V LVDS or CMOS outputs.

Pricing: Ranges from $5 to $136, depending on resolution and sampling rate.
Availability: Sampling in Pb-Free, 9 mm x 9 mm, chip-scale packaging today. Production quantities will be available in June 2009.
Datasheets: AD9268 and AD9251

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