ADNS-509x: Low Power, Small Form factor Wireless Optical Mouse Sensor

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The Avago Technologies ADNS-5090 is a low power, small form factor optical mouse sensor. It has a new low-power architecture and automatic power management modes, making it ideal for battery, power-sensitive applications—such as cordless input devices. The ADNS-5090 is capable of high-speed motion detection—up to 30ips and 8G. In addition, it has an on-chip oscillator and LED driver to minimize external components. The ADNS-5090 along with the ADNS-5110-001 lens, ADNS-5200 clip, and HLMP-ED80 LED form a complete and compact mouse tracking system. There are no moving parts and this translates to high reliability and less maintenance for the end user. In addition, precision optical alignment is not required, facilitating high volume assembly. The sensor is programmed via registers through a four-wire serial port. It is housed in an 8-pin staggered dual in-line package (DIP).

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