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ATLANTA, May 12, 2011

ATLANTA , May 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Ledet Graphics Training, world-class provider of Adobe® and Apple® Authorized graphics training programs, announced today that it is now incorporating the latest Adobe Photoshop Touch apps for iPad® at all six of its facilities across the country. As the first Apple and Adobe Authorized Training Provider with hands-on iPad® instruction, the addition of the new Adobe Nav, Color Lava, and Eazel iPad® apps means students can now learn to transform their tablets into a direct input device for Photoshop projects.

“Fast, fun, and inspiring—this is truly a whole new way of learning Photoshop.” says Sterling Ledet , founder of Ledet Graphics Training.  “Adobe® and Apple® have once again changed how people work with Photoshop and Ledet Graphics Training is once again changing how people learn Photoshop.”

Ledet is particularly impressed with Adobe Nav's ability to link the iPad® to the Photoshop software, thus allowing the iPad® to be turned into a specialized, remote control tool. Program commands that had previously required a mouse or keypad shortcut are now accessible as touch sensitive icons. This allows web developers, photographers, color correcters, and creative professionals to each have their own, frequently used tools at the ready on their tablets.  “What you now have is a customizable user interface for Photoshop that will greatly enhance end user productivity,” says Ledet.

Ledet highlights Adobe Color Lava as an artist-friendly tool for creating unique concepts and designs. Instead of adjusting color shades through numeric values or sliders, users can now simply mix the desired tones with their fingers on an artist's palette. When a new color swatch is needed, or if the theme is finished, artists can 'wash' the paint off their fingers in the app's glistening water well. “Another plus is that this app is fully integrated with the tablet's camera and the images that might be stored on it. This means colors can be quickly pulled and matched from existing photos without having to go through iTunes,” Ledet points out.

While Adobe Color Lava whips up innovative custom colors, Adobe Eazel is there to help users paint beautiful works of art through a five fingered interface approach. “Eazel is a fine arts painting tool and your fingers are the brush,” notes Ledet.

Ledet says the Photoshop Touch apps are simply the next logical step in graphics design, effortlessly combining concept and sketch into one, easily accessible place—the user's iPad®. “I'm excited that we are the first to offer these revolutionary apps in our classrooms.”

For additional information on how customers are using Photoshop Touch Apps for iPad® in the everyday business world or for a direct quote from one of Adobe's first Photoshop trainers, contact Sterling Ledet at Ledet Graphics Training, 4100 Perimeter Park South, Atlanta, GA , telephone 877.819.2665.

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With headquarters in Atlanta, GA , Ledet Graphics Training operates six training facilities nationwide, including locations in Atlanta , Chicago , San Diego , Denver , Washington, D.C. and New Orleans . The organization offers instructor-led training in other cities through a network of demand-driven locations. Custom, personalized training is also available at the client's location. Live, online instructor-led training is offered in virtual classrooms.  Through real-world expertise and hands-on instruction, Ledet students learn the tips and tricks that enhance creativity and build productivity with the latest graphics, design and media applications. For more information, visit .

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