Advanced HD decoding chip boosts STB performance

Geneva—STMicroelectronics has begun sampling the STi7105 high-definition video decoder, with enhancements for higher performance, lower power, and lower bill of materials costs in set-top boxes and home media servers.

As the latest evolution of ST's STi710x single-chip decoders supporting all required audio and video standards such as H.264, VC-1. MPEG2, and WM9, the STi7105 uses the same architecture, enabling continuity and easy migration.

The STi7105 offers best-in-class power consumption and heat dissipation. In addition, a new DDR2 interface and unified 32-bit memory system allows designers to use cost-competitive DDR2 external memory to deliver maximum value for customers. Enhanced power management further extends the STi7105's low-power credentials, helping end products to meet power-saving initiatives such as the International Energy Authority's 1W Plan, which aims to save up to 1% of global CO2 emissions by targeting sub-1W standby power for all electronic products.

At the same time, increased processing capability supports next-generation middleware and add-ins such as Flash media player and improved audio codecs. In addition, an embedded SATA interface eases connection to hard-disk drives for DVR and PVR applications. Dual USB 2.0 interfaces enhance connectivity for use in media-server device,s including in-car multimedia systems. The decoder also implements digital noise reduction, leading to optimal picture quality in a variety of applications and environments.

Enhanced processing capabilities in the STi7105 include an 800DMIPS CPU for control-plane tasks, as well as two VLIW DSPs to accelerate audio and video processing. A high-performance graphics processor with triple-source 2D blitter engine, compositor and 1080p output also ensures high graphics performance. Support for industry-standard operating systems includes Microsoft Windows CE, Linux and OS21.

Pricing: $15 when purchased in large volumes.
Availability: Now in sample quantities in a 27 x 27 PBGA package.

Datasheet: Click here.


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