Advanced MOSFETs boost DC/DC performance

Irvine, Calif. – Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) has added eight new 40-, 60-, 100-, 150-, 200- and 250-volt single n-channel devices to its SOP Advance MOSFET family to improve the performance of medium-power DC/DC converters. The company also has its first MOSFET device in a new smaller and thinner package, its TSSOP Advanced.

The new 40- and 60-volt MOSFETs combine low-profile packaging (SOP Advance, about half as thin as a standard SOP-8 package) with the company's ultra-high speed U-MOS III process technology to boost current ratings by about 200 percent and improve power dissipation by about 50 percent over standard SOP-8 devices, according to the company. There are two new 40-volt devices, the TPCA8014-H and TPCA8015-H. The TPCA8014-H delivers up to 30 amps, and has a maximum on-resistance (RDS(on)) of 9 milliohms (at Vgs = 10), typical gate charge (QSW) of 7.4 nC and typical switching speed (fall time) of 4 ns. The TPCA8015-H delivers up to 35 amps, and has a maximum RDS(on) of 6.8 milliohms, and typical QSW of 12.3 nC. The company's TPCA8016-H is a 60-volt device rated for a maximum drain current of 25 amps. It has an RDS(on) of 21 milliohms and QSW of 6.6 nC.

The 100-volt devices, which use -MOS VII technology, are the TPCA8006-H and TPCA8007-H. The TPCA8006-H delivers up to 18 amps, and has a RDS(on) of 67 milliohms, QSW of 6.9 nC, and switching speed of 2 ns. The TPCA8007-H device, for higher-current DC/DCs, is rated at 20 amps has a RDS(on) of 47 milliohms and a QSW of 8.5 nC.

The company's 150-, -200, and 250-volt devices use &#960-MOS V MACH II technology. The 150-V device, the TPCA8009-H, delivers up to 7 amps, and has an RDS(on) of 350 milliohms, QSW of 3.7 nC, and switching speed of 13 ns. The corresponding numbers for the 200-volt TPCA8010-H are 5.5 amps, 450 milliohms, 3.7 nC, and 13 ns, respectively; and for the 250-volt TPCA8008-H, 4 amps, 580 milliohms, 3.7 nC, and 13 ns.

The company also announced its TSSOP Advance, a new smaller packaging technology that measures 3.6-by-4.4 mm and, with a profile of 0.75 mm, is about 21 percent thinner than the SOP Advance package and has a 53 percent smaller profile (and takes up 45 percent of the mounting area) as an industry standard SOP-8 package. In addition, the new package is said to increase the power dissipation capability of UHS U-MOS III devices by about 20 percent compared to standard SOP-8 packages. The first device offered in TSSOP Advance packaging is the TPCM8001-H, a 30-volt, 20-amp MOSFET targeted for space-constrained applications in DC/DC converters and in power supplies for mobile computers and portable electronics equipment.

Introduced in January 2003, the UHS U-MOS III family has a higher cell density and a shorter trench than that of the previous generation, and is designed primarily for synchronous rectification applications.

All devices feature “Lead (Pb)-Free Finish” terminals. The TPCA8014-H and TPCA8015-H are priced at 50 cents and 60 cents each, respectively. The TCPA8016-H is 50 cents, with the TPCA8006-H and TPCA8007-H devices at 60 and 70 cents, respectively. The 150V TPCA8009-H is priced at 45 cents, the 200-volt TPCA8010-H at 45 cents, and the 250-volt TCPA8008-H is 60 cents. Samples of the TPCM8001-H TSSOP Advance power MOSFET are available now, priced at 45 cents each. All products are scheduled for availablity in production quantities in January.

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