Aeroflex Plainview adds eight new mini mux devices to HiRel analog multiplexer modules

Aeroflex Plainview has added eight new products to its family of HiRel Analog Multiplexer Modules which are used in aerospace applications to send multiple signals to subsystems for monitoring.

Aeroflex's expanded Analog Multiplexer Family now features eight new Muxes packaged in a 56-lead CQFP. The Mini MUX8520/21/22/23 are rated for 300 krads(Si) with LET of 120 MeV/cm2/mg while the Mini MUX8530/31/32/33 are rated for150 krads(Si) with LET of 90 MeV/cm2/mg. This gives the customer the option to select devices that best fit their system's radiation requirements.

The eight new units have the same features as the existing Aeroflex MUX family products, but are packaged in smaller denominations to offer 16-32 channels versus 48-64 channels in the current offering. Features such as built-in decoupling caps, current limiting resistors and built-in electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, with Kelvin measurement options for remote resistive sensors, are now all available in a smaller footprint to save the user space and weight.

“We are responding to our customers request for fewer channels per device,” said Joseph Castaldo, Director Sales and Marketing. “Now these customers have options that were previously not available. Aeroflex developed the eight Mini Mux products; now our customers have the choice of our standard 96-lead ceramic quad flatpack (CQFP) or the new 56-lead CQFP. Aeroflex's Analog Muxes are flight proven and the new Mini Muxes are all available to an SMD.”


The Mini Muxes range from $1,093 to $3,241 for Class K in quantities of 100. Prototypes and production units are readily available for all models.


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