Aeroflex RAD1419 A/D converters for Hi-Rel space applications

Aeroflex RAD, a division of Aeroflex Inc. announced a family of radiation tolerant A/D converters suited for military, aerospace and HiRel space applications. Using specially processed Linear Technology die, Aeroflex RAD's A/D converter family begins with the RAD1419, a 14-bit, 150mW power dissipation product packaged in a 28-lead flatpack.

According to Aeroflex, customers asked the company to provide Class S, A/D converters built to their custom flow. With the help of Linear Technology, Aeroflex can now support RAD1419 prototypes, E/M, and SCD Mil- Standard flight units.

The RAD1419 meets 100 krad(Si) with SEL immunity to LET's up to 55 MeV-cm2/mg and a military temp range of -55ºC to 125ºC. HiRel and Electromechanical screening is offered with Electromechanical devices tri-temp tested (-55ºC, 25ºC, 125ºC).

Key highlights:

  • 800ksps sample rate
  • 150mW power dissipation
  • Typical performance: 81.5dB S/(N + D) and 93dB THD
  • No missing pipeline delays or missing codes
  • Nap and shutdown modes
  • 28-lead hermetic ceramic flatpack
  • Available to custom flows, 100 krads(si)

Pricing: The RAD1419 RHA TID Level R (100 krad) sells for $1758 in quantities of 100 or more.

Availability : RAD1419 prototype and production orders are being accepted now. Over TID Levels are also available.

Datasheet: Click here.

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