Agile-1 Launches AccelerationVMS 8.0

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TORRANCE, Calif., July 6, 2011

TORRANCE, Calif. , July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Agile-1, a leading provider of total workforce solutions, announced the release of AccelerationVMS 8.0, the latest version of its proprietary vendor management system software.

AccelerationVMS 8.0 features a new user interface, more intuitive navigation, and a customizable executive dashboard that includes pre-defined financial and pipeline charts. User-friendly navigation and streamlined job requisitioning make implementing and managing contingent workforce solutions faster and easier.

New functionality has been added to AccelerationVMS 8.0 that promotes more informed workforce decision-making. Items like new conceptual candidate comparison and relevancy ranking, trends tracking, and BANG! – Business Analytics for the Next Generation—a robust data visualization tool, better enable Agile-1 clients to keep ahead of their evolving workforce costs and needs.

Customizable Dashboard

Allows instant access to user-designated workforce data and enhanced executive dashboard features

Streamlined Job Requisitioning

Reduces job requisitioning to three easy steps

Conceptual Candidate Comparison and Relevancy Ranking

Compares and ranks candidates by qualifications and experience to identify the best talent for a position

Pipeline, Metrics, and Trends Reporting

Tracks contingent worker status; generates workforce metrics; and visualizes current and historical data for pinpointing fluctuations and trends

Business Intelligence Reporting – BANG!

Provides leadership with a powerful way to visualize, analyze, filter and report contingent workforce data

“AccelerationVMS 8.0 has been upgraded to .NET 4.0 frameworks and SQL 2008,” says Peter Carvalho , Agile-1 President. “With this new platform, we have enhanced the user experience and are equipping our clients with more timely, strategic workforce intelligence.”

About AccelerationVMS

A proprietary technology from Agile-1, AccelerationVMS is an industry-recognized vendor management system for implementing a standard, streamlined process for managing a global contingent workforce. AccelerationVMS accommodates foreign and domestic contingent recruitment needs, and meets local language, tax laws, and recruiting process requirements. AccelerationVMS can be integrated with most screening, billing, HRIS and ERP systems, and supplemental Agile-1 technology and service modules to create a total workforce solution.

About Agile 1

As a recognized leader in delivering total workforce solutions, Agile-1 provides innovative services and technology to maximize the value each new-hire brings to an organization. Through 40 years of experience, combined with award-winning programs and solutions, Agile-1 streamlines talent procurement and management, mitigates risk, and addresses key business goals to empower clients to focus on their core competencies.

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