Agilent Announces GoldenGate Plus

Venice, Florida &#8212 Agilent Technologies announced the availability of GoldenGate Plus for RFIC simulation, analysis and verification. It combines the high-capacity GoldenGate simulator, acquired from Xpedion in 2006, with a customizable data display, electromagnetic (EM) simulation and system-level design and simulation of wireless communication products.

The acquisition of the GoldenGate simulator last year, has enabled Agilent to combine and integrate all of its simulation technologies to develop an extensive RFIC simulation and verification solution. The GoldenGate simulator is fully integrated into the Cadence Analog Design Environment. Its unique algorithms are optimized for the challenging demands of large and complex RFIC design, and enable full characterization of complete transceivers prior to tape-out. It ensures device manufacturability and reduces design spins, using frequency-domain-based capabilities to perform analyses such as Monte Carlo simulations, which are faster by orders of magnitude than traditional, transient-based techniques.

GoldenGate Plus is a family of products with multiple configurations that can be tailored to fit the designers' needs. In addition to the GoldenGate simulator, the product family includes:

  • RF Design Environment (RFDE), an RFIC design platform that is based on Agilent's Advanced Design System and accessed from within the Cadence design environment;
  • Advanced Design System RF and microwave-circuit and system-design software, providing design solutions for board-level and system-in-package-level RF design;
  • Momentum, a 3-D planar EM simulator used for passive circuit analysis;
  • Ptolemy, a system-level simulation and design solution based on a hybrid of synchronous and timed synchronous dataflow technologies; and
  • Wireless Test Benches with several pre-configured system level source and measurement setups for compliance with today's complex wireless communication standards.

Agilent's GoldenGate Plus is available now in four configurations, with prices starting at approximately $42,000.
For more information about GoldenGate Plus, visit Agilent.

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