Agilent offers TriQuint process design kit

Agilent Technologies Inc. has made available a foundry-certified process design kit (PDK) to support TriQuint Semiconductor's TQPED GaSs E/D pHEMT process.

Thw TQPED PDK completely renovates layout functions, adds many design automation and routing capabilities, and provides a MMIC toolbar personality to help streamline the MMIC design process.

One of the PDK's new capabilities is a TriQuint mailDRC function that can be launched automatically with the design embedded in an e-mail message. This capability allows users to easily and quickly obtain DRC results from TriQuint, through their Microsoft Outlook client, directly from the ADS environment without having to bother with annoying translation steps.

In addition, the PDK includes substrate definitions for Agilent's integrated 3-D planar EM simulator, Momentum, to help decrease design cycle time.

“This PDK will make it easier than ever before to design low-noise amplifiers, power amplifiers and other integrated MMIC's using the industry-leading TQPED E/D pHEMT process technology,” said Glen Riley, vice president and general manager of TriQuint's Commercial Foundry business unit, in a statement.

ADS is an electronic design automation software platform and a MMIC design platform.

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