Agilent rolls its first handheld RF power meter

Santa Clara, Calif.—Agilent Technologies Inc. has released its first handheld RF power meter, the V3500A, which includes a built-in display and integrated power sensor.

The meter is being touted as an affordable power measurement product for installation and maintenance environments, as well as for the R&D lab.

The V3500A power meter features a broad frequency range of 10MHz to 6GHz, a wide dynamic range of -63dBm to +20dBm, and absolute accuracy up to ±0.21dB. The V3500A is packed with essential average power measurement capabilities, which provides good repeatability and accurate measurements. The meter simplifies field tasks and provides typical power measurements while ensuring lower startup costs.

Pricing: $1,808.
Availability: Now.
For more information: Click here.

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